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Cash For Residential &, Commercial Real Estate Notes and Business Notes

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We have several different note purchasing services that we offer. Here's an example of service's we might use to purchase your note.

Residential - Commercial Note Purchasing Services

We offer a full range of Full and Partical Note purchase programs specialized Residential, including: The purchase of note  at or right after the closing.  This will allow the home owner a larger number of people that can afford to purchase their home.
For the Note holder that do not need to sell the full note to get the money they need we can buy a part of the note.

* New Notes - At or After the Closing
   Real Estate

* Old Notes - Full or Partial
   Real Estate

* Commercial Notes
   Real Estate
   Accounts Receivables
   Export / Import Factoring

* Investor Notes - Created By Investors  
   selling Investment Property
* Business Notes
   Accounts Receivables
   Medical Receivables and Factors
* Legal Funding
   Law Suit Settlements
   Pre-Law Suit Settlements
   Litigation Funding
* Lottery Winnings

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Our Service Advantage

* Cash In your Pocket

* Personal Attention

* Years of Industry Experience

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