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Cash For Residential &, Commercial Real Estate Notes and Business Notes

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I Buy and Sell Notes 

New government regulations, states I have to disclose that I buy and sell notes.
I buy notes to hold as a investment. 
I JV with other investors on some notes. 
I Resale notes to other investors, and financial Inst,
I do not purchase all notes that are offered to me to purchase.
I resale some of my note contrats for a profit.
I reserve the right to walk away from any note purchase, that is not in my best interest.  (exam - a note on a property that is under valued) , A note that was not properly written ) + other reasons that would be on a negative note purchase.
For all those good notes that fall in my purchase requirements, I would be interested in taking a look at your note , for evaluation of a possible purchase.
Thank you for your time.


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